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Reflective – Billy Kluge

Actually Learning in Class This semester in College Composition II I have continued to improve as a writer and gained more values to think about while composing a piece of writing. The work has not been easy and each piece … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper – Billy Kluge

A Change in the Way We View Self-Harm A cut from a knife on the arm, commonly thought of as painful, damaging to the skin, and an accident. Most would agree they do not want to experience this cut and … Continue reading

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Definition Essay – Billy Kluge

Beneficial Pain Harming is the action of injuring or damaging something. Self-harming is the action of intentionally injuring or damaging oneself. There are numerous ways to self-harm; the more popular ways of doing so are cutting, burning, punching oneself or throwing … Continue reading

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Causal Essay – Billy Kluge

Helpful Harm Suicide and self-harm are often grouped under the same category. People believe that intentional harming of oneself is a suicidal behavior. Realistically, suicide and self harm are two very different actions with very different intentions. The two are both usually a result of depression. … Continue reading

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Visual Argument – Billy Kluge

Bullying Prevention The video starts with a black screen stating that the footage is real. This makes the viewer realize what they are about to see is a problem that is actually happening. It is all truth. From the beginning you can hear the … Continue reading

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