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Reflective – Brent Galen Adkins

The Devil’s Advocate With age comes wisdom, and now, one semester older, I find myself 3 credits wiser in the field of writing.  This was made possible by the extremely well formed and executed teaching style of my professor, leaps … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper – Brent Adkins

The Ultimate Feel-Good Purchase Give a man a fish and he will eat for a night, but teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry again.  This concept applies to more than just fish, and should be … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument – Brent Adkins

Shoes: The Ultimate Gift? Feet allow humans to travel from one place to another.  Without feet, we require assistance in getting anywhere, whether it is through crutches, wheelchairs, or any other form of help.  So, when someone loses use of … Continue reading

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Visual Argument – Brent Adkins

Adopting Foster Children The PSA opens with what appears to be a family, with a mother, father, and two daughters, standing in a kitchen.  The family notion is established by the classic family of four model, with the father … Continue reading

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Definition Essay – Brent Adkins

These TOMS Weren’t Made For Walking Walking is the most common form of transportation for humans.  Except for the handicapable, humans walk everywhere, or at least to their rollerblades or cars that they use to bypass the need for walking … Continue reading

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