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Reflective Statement -Dan Primavera

This semester of Comp II has been crazy for my personal growth as a writer. Although I believed myself to be a fairly superior writer coming into this semesters’ class, I was quickly proven wrong after receiving one of Professor … Continue reading

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Research Position—Dan Primavera

Prozac: Caucasians Only As someone who comes from a family that has a history of people suffering from depression, a topic involving the anti-depressant, Prozac, being a “white drug” was automatically an eye catching topic. Coming from a mostly Italian … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay -Dan Primavera

Medical and Insurance Conditions Benefit from Generic Brand Prozac When looking at the issue of what causes Prozac to be a “white drug,” one must look at the issue from all angles. Although there are many unsettling factors that create … Continue reading

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Visual Argument -Dan Primavera

I chose the “Fatherhood Involvement” video: -scene opens with a grandmotherly looking woman knitting in a living room -the living room is very boring looking and old fasioned -a mans voice singing kicks in from what is to be thought … Continue reading

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Definition Essay -Dan Primavera

A term often used to describe the prescription drug, Prozac, is that it is referred to as a “white drug.” This term is meant to reflect upon the prescribing trends of the drug and how it is typically prescribed to … Continue reading

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