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Reflective Statement- Jodi Dziedzic

COMPOSING COMPOSITION II Going into College Composition II, I was somewhat confident that I would be able to pass through the class and finish on a good note. As soon as my professor started off the first few classes by … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper- Jodi Dziedzic

Domesticating Wild Art Street art, also known as “post graffiti,” is a hybrid form of old school vandalism. Graffiti is known for its typical technique of handheld aerosol spray paint tagging, whereas street art goes beyond the boundaries and becomes … Continue reading

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Definiton Essay – Jodi Dziedzic

Art is something that cannot be defined by one individual because it is usually so subjective. However, street art often falls under one particular category- street art is site-specific art. Forms of site-specific art range from installation sculptures or performance … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay – Jodi Dziedzic

A common misconception in today’s society is the distinguishable line between tagging graffiti and graffiti as an art form. When presenting someone with a work of tagging graffiti, it is typically disapproved of for its lack of pleasing aesthetics and … Continue reading

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Visual Argument- Jodi Dziedzic

Caregiver Assistance – This video is extremely visually impacting. After watching the entire thing through once, I immediately have a different perspective on becoming a caregiver for a loved one. – The first scene is not long at all, but … Continue reading

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