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Reflective- Joseph Passalacqua

Not Your Average Comp Class This past semester in composition 2 has helped me improve my writing skills from being a mediocre college student, to someone whose writing abilities are easier to understand and express my opinions in a much clearer fashion. … Continue reading

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Research Position- Joseph Passalacqua

The Failing of the United States Education System Although the United States is envied for being the land of opportunity and the land of the free, one thing the United States is not envied for is it’s flawed education system.  … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay- Joseph Passalacqua

What Employers Really Look For When employers are reviewing applications for new job applicants, they obviously will search for the candidate to have all of the training and education needed to perform the tasks needed for their particular job.  A … Continue reading

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Visual Argument- Joseph Passalacqua

Emergency Preparedness Piano playing 2 different alarm clocks pictured in first camera shot Scene is split between two different men waking up. Both men are performing the same action, stretching in the same way upon waking Both men look … Continue reading

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Definition Essay- Joseph Passalacqua

Spending For Nothing America’s spending on education is the highest on the planet.  Spending roughly eleven thousand dollars per year, per student, Americas education system is considered “average” by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD.)  The OECD, which … Continue reading

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