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Reflective – Samantha Kovnat

How I Survived Comp II, and Learned to Love the Cake Samantha Kovnat is a visual learner with tactile learner tendencies, and occasional Auditorial learner needs. If you were to add those qualities up and calculate the easiest way for … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper – Samantha Kovnat

­­ Anne Frank, Novelist Within misfortune, blossoms inspiration, and brilliance. The story of, and behind the creation of Anne Frank’s diary is one often misinterpreted and overshadowed by the sheer span of tragedy surrounding the Holocaust. Anne Frank was a 13-year-old … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay – Sammy Kovnat

Teaching the Holocaust; Things Left Unsaid Anne Frank was an artist and a gifted writer who because of environmental factors grew into her talent at a very young age. When Anne Frank’s story is taught in schools however, she is … Continue reading

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Causal Arguments – Sammy Kovnat

Stress: Inducing Brilliance Massive amounts of stress, coupled with confinement were the catalysts that caused Anne Frank to reach her full literary potential at such a young age. Anne Frank was trapped. Stuck in an annex, hiding to stay alive, … Continue reading

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Visual Arguments – Samantha Kovnat

Stroke Awareness The video begins with a woman in a white dress and engagement dress  nervously massaging her hands (it is evident that she is a bride on her wedding day). Gentle piano music begins to play. It continues on to show … Continue reading

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