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“Fossil Fuels Are Making the Planet…Greener?”

Even more counterintuitivity: In search for even more material regarding the how using paper is good for the environment, I came across this.. I am not using as a source which is why I thought I’d make a separate post. … Continue reading

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Causal Essay -Dan Primavera

“Prozac: A Widely Regarded ‘White’ Drug” There are no clear cut reasons that Prozac is mostly prescribed to white people but there are many factors that go into this complexity that may be the cause (although some may not be … Continue reading

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Research Proposal -Dan Primavera

Is Prozac a “white” drug? Counter-intuitivity is a concept at which I find to be a confusing thing to grasp. To me it seems like a made up thing (the above word is but not the complete concept) and I … Continue reading

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Counterintuitive Econundrums

If you’re racking your brain for a good counterintuitive research topic, the ecology team at Mother Jones have cooked up a series of columns you should cull for inspiration. They’re full of challenges to “common knowledge” claims many of us … Continue reading

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