A06: Critical Reading

Critical Reading: Organ Donations

This week, following the model of critical reading I provided in Kidney Season on Death Row. I’ll ask you to closely examine the claims made, inferences made, and conclusions drawn by the author of one of the Organ Donation sources.

Time stamps would be welcome if you’re analyzing a video. Direct quotations and any help you can offer to guide me to the original claims would be appreciated if you’re analyzing a written source.

Your personal opinion on the subject of organ donation may be fun to know (tell me anytime!) but irrelevant to this exercise. Instead, evaluate the quality of the claims—their technique, their relevance, their sufficiency, their logic, their reasonableness.

If you’re unclear what I’m looking for, please read my feedback to the early posts by Brent Adkins and Nicole Clark (for which I am very grateful). Without the chance to comment on their early posts, I wouldn’t have this chance to help you before you post your first drafts.



  • DUE TUE FEB 26, 2013 in class.
  • Rhetorical Writing grade category (15%)

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