Critical Reading – Billy Kluge

This is a critical reading of the video “Should organ donation be made compulsory – Jeanette Walker”

0:00 – 0:15

“When organs are taken from a dead body it’s done sensitively and people would not be able to tell from the body it is done in such a lovely way.”

-As an introduction she starts by showing support for the organ donation process

-She claims organ donating to be a sensitive, beautiful operation that is nothing but good


“I’m a Christian. Two years ago I had a liver transplant. I firmly believe that god supports and approves organ donation.”

-Jeanette describes herself as a Christian and makes the claim that god fully supports organ donation.

Yes, we read that.

-As a Christian organ donation is a controversial topic.

What is controversial about it, Billy? That it’s effective? That it’s moral? That an organ donor can or cannot have a Christian burial? I know she doesn’t provide details, but she doesn’t make this claim either. You do, so you’re responsible for it.

-She is a recipient of an organ donation and believes first hand it is approved.

Much more importantly: she claims it’s approved by God!

0:58: 1:10

“My family was told I wasn’t going to survive. The only option available to me was to have a liver transplant or die.”

-Janette describes how her options were limited in this time of need and if she did not feel that organ donations were acceptable she would have died instead.

I know I’m being very hard on Janette and perhaps blasphemous, but why did Janette not trust in prayer to save her?


“God was there all the time with me; he was in the hospital with me; he was in the surgeon’s hands with me. He knew my work on earth wasn’t finished and I think that’s why he allows transplants.”

-Although technically viewed poorly by some Catholics, Jeanette felt throughout her procedure god was with her the entire time.

The grammar here is very sketchy, Billy. You have Catholics looking poorly at Jeanette. And you still don’t identify the Catholic objection to organ donation, which costs you credibility.

-Supports her belief that organ donation should be seen well by all regardless of religion.

Far from it. It makes a claim that the god of one religion supports the procedure. Much more importantly, you’ve ignored the crucial claim that god spared Janette because her work on earth was unfinished!


“I think presumed consent is the way to go in this country. There will be more transplants available. There are people dying out there waiting for an organ.”

-Jeanette sums up her story by supporting presumed consent by all.

On what basis does she do so? We’ve heard two arguments, I think. God supports organ transplants for those with unfinished business, and people die without organs. But, and again I’m being pretty hard on Janette, would god be willing to mandate organ donation if it saved those whose business was finished?

-She claims it will make transplants more available and lower death rates.

Yep, although, oddly, she doesn’t say who should get them.

-People will die without these transplants.

Yes, but are they all important, or just those with what god determines to be unfinished business?

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  1. davidbdale says:

    See above for color-coded feedback, Billy.

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