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Reflective- Kailee Whiting

Composition Boot Camp Just like any other second semester freshman I wearily accepted the reality that I would have to suffer and take another Composition class. But that reality was soon obliterated when I found myself sitting in an organized … Continue reading

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Research Position- Kailee Whiting

A Cycle of Victimization Each and every August and September, students return to their respective colleges or universities for the next seven months. Unbeknownst to many of the young women entering college is that, “one in four women are raped … Continue reading

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So I’m getting married…

‘ And you’re all invited tomorrow night at 6 pm in the pit.

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Rebuttal Essay- Kailee Whiting

Protecting the Rapist When the local police force is unable to handle a crime that is committed in their district they normally call in help from surrounding police departments.  However on a large college or university campus, the local police … Continue reading

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Casual Argument- Kailee Whiting

Failing to Protect Under most circumstances a call is made and the rape is reported to the police.  Within a matter of minutes the police arrive along with an ambulance and the victim is escorted to the emergency room.  Forensic … Continue reading

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Visual Argument- Kailee Whiting

Gay and Lesbian Bullying Prevention Ad starts out with three teenage boys sitting in at booth at a pizza shop.  They’re all laughing and it is assumed that they are all friends. One of the boys points to a location and … Continue reading

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Definitional Essay- Kailee Whiting

Believe It or Not, It is Rape If a woman does not fight back, it is not rape.  If a woman gets drunk at a party and cannot talk, it is not rape.   If there is not a clear distinct … Continue reading

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