Critical Reading – Adam Tutolo

Anthony Ozimic

00:05 – 00:15

“It may be that without the donation of an organ people may die, but its the nature of organ donation that its a gift, its not a duty.”


  • Anthony is making an evaluation claim by comparing a donation as gift or a duty.

This is unclear, Adam. “Comparing a donation as a gift or a duty” actually ambiguifies Anthony’s clear claim.

  • He also uses a consequential claim by saying that without an organ donation, people will die.

I’m going to be really annoying now and suggest briefer language, Adam: He also makes the consequential claim that without an organ . . . .

  • He believes that people’s organs should not be subject to donation if they are not a registered organ donor.

Watch out for number disagreement. If they are not registered donors.

0:22- 0:32

“I’m a Catholic, and I’m not on the organ donation register because I’m very concerned about the danger of euthanasia and the state having rights over my body after death”

  • Anthony is concerned about euthanasia happening to him
  • He seems to have no faith or trust in human beings
  • He is using a consequential claim by stating that being on the register is of concern to him because of the danger of euthanasia

Is he at all justified to fear that a need for organs might drive well-meaning doctors to get impatient for a registered donor to die?

  • Anthony has many fears of being an organ donor, he claims to be a devout catholic but just as he doesn’t have faith in people, he doesn’t have faith in God to protect him from the risks of organ donation.

This holds Catholics to a pretty high standard, Adam. Do they willingly place themselves at risk in other aspects of their lives because of their faith that God will protect them?

0:33 – 0:55

“We have seen over a number of years a move towards euthanasia by removing food and fluids and reasonable medical treatment. So it is not unreasonable to be worried that the end of people’s lives are being hastened and that one of the motivations for that will be organ removal.”

  • Anthony is using a resemblance claim when he talks about the move towards euthanasia over the years.

I agree there’s a resemblance claim here, but you haven’t identified what resembles what.

  • Anthony is starting to point fingers and make unnecessary assumptions toward the medical community. Doctors take an oath and I am sure they would not be happy with these ridiculous claims made by this person.

That oath is exactly what makes the question of euthanasia so thorny. But since euthanasia is unquestionably more common now than ever, is Anthony crazy to worry about the trend?


“It is my hope that rapid advances in medical science such as adult stem cell research will one day eliminate the need for organ donation. We need to be promoting ethical areas of medical science, not now giving rights to the state over our bodies after death.”

  • Anthony is using an evaluation claim by comparing organ donation to stem cell research.

What’s the nature of the evaluation?

  • The fact is right now stem cell research is not advanced enough to saved lives like organ donation can.

You’re in agreement there.

  • He seems to think that stem cell research is the answer and that people in the medical community are wasting their valuable time and effort.

I don’t see the basis for this critique of yours.

  • He uses the word “ethical” when talking about stem cell research, so he is referring to organ donation as “unethical” in his mind.

I’m completely with you on this one.

Overall Anthony feels like organ donation goes against his morals and ethics and does not one to take part in the matter in any way. Does this mean he would not accept an organ if he was dying? That would be majorly hypocritical of him. I would be interested to see if Anthony was ever put in that position would he would do. It is almost like he is getting scared by ghosts stories. He is worried about the risk of euthanasia and the potential tampering of his body when he is dead. He is a very paranoid person and also a very selfish person. If the whole country shared his viewpoint millions of people would not be living with us today.

as if
what Anthony would do in that situation

I think every viewer would like to hold Anthony to that test. Here’s how I would do it. Nobody would be allowed to receive a donated organ who hadn’t been on the registered donor’s list for at least five years.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    See your color-coded feedback above, Adam.

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