Rebuttal Essay – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

Opponents to the matter that rape is not as big a deal in society are termed rape apologists. Rape apologists argue that rape is infrequent, misreported, over-reported, or in some cases “excusable,” in cases such as marriage, or women being dressed to provocatively. It’s also argued that women are to blame when they are raped. Someone with this attitude would see no problem with men defining what does and does not constitute as rape. A rape apologist would argue that it was not really rape, she changed her mind, it does not count because it was his girlfriend or spouse, the victim has sex with the rapist before, or her skirt was too shirt. Even if all of these factors were true, it does not change the fact that her body was violated against her will. And if that is so, then it was rape, no matter how you try to get around it.

Rape is not an infrequent crime and the act becomes increasingly part of society. Rape is also highly under-reported  These rape apologists are actually a contributing factor to the under-reporting of sexual violence. The idea that a man cannot rape his wife is ludicrous. When a woman marries, she does not sign over her body and submit to being a male’s property or sexual slave. No matter how high a woman’s skirt is, it is not an invitation to take advantage of her or her body. Rape is never excusable. In comparison to those who have not been a victim of sexual violence, victims who have, live with increased incidences of PTSD, chronic pain, sleeping difficulties, activity limitation, compromised mental health, and depression.

Other opponents argue that men are in some shape or form the victim. Because rape is also about power and control, they feel it necessary to empower women in the face of rejection. Some men feel it is their right to have sex with women as they please, and when they are denied this, they then are the “victims,” and have to take what they feel is entitled to them. Women are seen as supposed to be sexually available for men, and they are measured by the level of their attraction. Women are not property though. We are all human, and no human should have to suffer that kind of humiliation. Rape needs to be treated as a crime, and not a matter of opinion.

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