Visual Argument – Anthony Matias

Childhood Obesity- Ad Council

  • A hispanic mother and father are waving into a video camera saying, “hola familia” while the mother is holding the camera toward them both.  They seem to be sending a video to their relatives.
  • The father runs over to his healthy teenage daughter who is sitting on the couch, while the mother is video taping.
  • She is playing on the computer listening to music while sitting on the couch, wearing pajamas.  This could be a sign that she is being lazy or not interested with what the parents are doing.
  • Then the father unplugs her headphones and points to the camera and says, “this music is for dancing” in spanish.  Which is sending a message to the daughter thaat she should be danicing not sitting.
  • He starts dancing and yelling, “bialar.”  Which is sending a verbal invitation to his daughter to join him.
  • The father rthen grabs the daughter by the hand and pulls her off the couch.  The daughter enjoys the invitation and starts doing her own dance.
  • The father starts to do the same dance and hey both proceed while the mother is recording.  This shows that they are all having fun and having a good time and everyday activities can help keep your family healthy by getting excercise.
  • The video zooms out and “we can” is type on the screen.
  • At the end an ad for We Can pops up on the screen.

This ad was show that parents can play a big role in the way their children live their lives.  Parents should engage their children in physical activity and to help them be more active.

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One Response to Visual Argument – Anthony Matias

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m glad you asked for feedback on this piece, Anthony. I have deliberately not watched the video yet, in order to try to experience the message through just your description. I’m doing all the work. I have no idea, for example, whether the father routinely videotapes his family in everyday activities. Or whether the daughter is 6 or 16. Or whether she resists, acquiesces, or enjoys the invitation. If the mother is recording, how does she get into the frame at the start?

    In other words, a summary of the basic action of a brief video is not at all an analysis of a “visual argument.” Do we sense that the daughter desperately needs exercise? Do the parents? Does the video seem to be arguing that everyone should dance with their kids, or that we should do whatever physical activity comes naturally to us? Are we supposed to force our kids to stand and act like fools? Or is the exercise a natural by-product of having fun as a family? These messages are all conveyed by visuals one way or another. Your job is to analyze how we receive these messages without being told them. Re-read the model I provided about the couple fighting upstairs and see if it helps.

    This one needs a strong rewrite. It’s a small assignment, but worth the effort.

    Provisional grade recorded. Leave a comment here if you improve it.

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