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Money Revised – Anthony Matias

Wealth is perceived differently by many cultures. On an island called Yap located in the western Pacific Ocean they determine wealth by the size of the stone disks that they own. The bigger the stone the more it is worth. … Continue reading

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Research Position – Mike Middleton

Paper: The Savior to a Better Atmosphere There has always been a great deal of debate on how to improve the cleanliness of the earth’s environment through recycling and reducing emissions into the atmosphere. Improving the quality of the air … Continue reading

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alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Weird video, good song.

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A greater cover of an even better song.

Sublime- Rivers of Babylon

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Causal Argument-Taylor Brody

Unicorns, ponies, magic, princesses and singing are just a few examples of common traits found in television shows for young girls. Disney has included these in their films, which have hit home to the aforementioned intended audience. There is one … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- Rick Casario

Online piracy has faced a lot of opposition in recent years, but just how serious would have battling it gotten when SOPA threatens the difference between pirates and innocent people using a single song under the fair use policy? Even more importantly, … Continue reading

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Icarus Lives! – Periphery

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