Visual Argument-Taylor Brody

My Visual Argument is on the Texting and Driving Prevention ad.

-The ad starts off with a car being driven down a road, which looks to be in a relatively barren area.

-There is a construction vehicle in front of the car, and the driver looks a little frustrated that she can’t go any faster because of that.

-The driver’s phone vibrates. She looks at the phone with the intent of picking it up, but then looks at the vehicle in front of her, which makes it seem like she’s second-guessing her initial decision to pick up the phone.

-The text is asking her to hurry up…perhaps it is the construction vehicle that is making her late to whatever she’s going to. The driver types her response very slowly. The phone is not a smartphone and must take longer to text with.

-Out of nowhere, a horn sounds and a car is seen ramming into the drivers side at a high speed, without the driver noticing.

-A countdown of 5-4-3-2-1 starts, over a repeat of the last scene, with a narrator explaining how it takes only 5 seconds without looking at the road to send a text while driving. The countdown shows exactly how quick a crash can occur just by sending one text.

-The last thing seen in the ad is “STOP THE TEXTS. STOP THE WRECKS.” “Make sure you get where you’re going,” says the narrator. This emphasizes the crashes that occur because of texting and driving, and how people should be concentrating more on the actual driving itself, not text messages on their phones.

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