Visual Argument- Kailee Whiting

Gay and Lesbian Bullying Prevention

  • Ad starts out with three teenage boys sitting in at booth at a pizza shop.  They’re all laughing and it is assumed that they are all friends.
  • One of the boys points to a location and says, “hey hey, look at this chef.”
  • The camera then focuses in on a stereotypical sculpture of an Italian chef holding a pizza.  You hear the boys laughing in the background.
  • One of the teenage boys points with his thumbs and says, “thats sooo gay,” and the boy sitting next to him says, “really gay.”
  • The camera then zooms out and you can see the rest of the restaurant and the booth behind the boys who are declaring how gay the sculpture is and laughing.
  • The woman sitting behind the boys stands up and turns to the group.
  • The camera then zooms into her face and she says, “Please don’t say that.”
  • The camera zooms out and the boy who first declared the sculpture gay say, “What?”
  • The camera again zooms into the lady’s face and she tells them, “Don’t say that something is gay when you are saying that something is dumb or stupid.  It’s insulting.”  When she is talking the camera zooms out again and you can see the teenage boys and they have these really uncomfortable smiles on.  The woman drinks from the drink she’s hold in her hand.
  • No body is really saying anything when she drinks from her drink.  Trying to get her point across, the woman grabs a pepper shaker from the table and says, “It’s like if I thought this pepper shaker was stupid and I said ‘Man, this pepper shaker is so sixteen year old boy with a cheesy mustache’ Just saying.”
  • When the woman says, “sixteen year old boy with a cheesy mustache,” the camera zooms into the face of the instigator, and he is indeed a sixteen year old with a cheesy mustache.  You can see his friend’s face laughing in the background.
  • The ad then goes to a black background with white lettering spelling out, “When you say, ‘That’s so gay’ Do you realize what you say? Knock it off,”  The woman from earlier reads the words out loud as the audience reads them off the screen.
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One Response to Visual Argument- Kailee Whiting

  1. davidbdale says:

    Yes, you have named the shots, but you haven’t done much to analyze the components of the visual argument, Kailee.

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